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Yesterday marked 3 weeks post op to Superion procedure which was done as an outpatient. I can now walk long distances with no assistance at all, the searing, burning pain is gone and can actually bend with no pain what so ever. Thank you Thank You Dr. Rosenberg! You and your staff are simply the best! You gave me my life back, and I will spread this message to everyone I meet.”

Janet R.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Rosenberg since 2015. I have been treated well by he and his staff. He’s very informative and discusses the treatment plan before treatment. Highly recommend Dr. Rosenberg.”

Barry M.

“My father’s knee was so bad they were talking about a knee replacement and he went to Dr. Baez. After managing my father’s pain and doing the knee injections, my father can now run, jump and do activities he was not capable of doing two years ago. We are so blessed God lead him into our lives. Dr. Baez also monitored my mom’s back pain where she could hardly walk and move. After several injections she no longer has back pain and does not have to use a walker.”

Justin and Julia R.
Patient’s Family Member

“Dr. Baez was the 6th dr I have seen for my back. Every doctor would look at me & say I’m old or heavy or it’s just arthritis or nothing was wrong with me. That I need to lose weight. Because of my back I have fallen many times, this last fall was a bad one. The doctor that fixed my foot set me up with Dr. Baez. This fall turned out to be a God send because Dr. Baez treated me with great respect, like a patient in pain not a overweight old person. For that I will ALWAYS be grateful. And yes he did find out what was wrong with my back. He is an awesome man & amazing doctor. Thank you Dr. Baez from the bottom of my heart.”

Diane L.

“Dr. Rosenberg has been my miracle doctor! He has helped my lower back now for over two years. He also helped my knee…my Orthto dr. wanted to do knee replacement a year ago. Dr. Rosenberg did a procedure and no pain in my knee! I take his business cards and hand them out all the time. He is excellent at what he loves doing—pain management!”

Karen K.

“Dr. Luis Baez is a great, smart and compassionate pain doctor. I saw him on a Friday afternoon and could barely walk and in horrific pain. Within 5 days, he had me up and walking. By the end of the month, I was nearly pain free and back to living an active life. Doctor Baez is my forever doctor. I trust Dr. Baez and would recommend him to my friends and family without hesitation.”

Jean N.

“Dr. Rosenberg, has treated my daughter and myself for several years. He and his staff are nothing less than amazing. A wonderful person and Doctor.”

Vicki Mae R.

“Thank you to Dr. Baez, after 1-1/2 years of horrific nerve pain, he made it go away in just a few days. He and his staff were all very caring and explained everything before, during, and after the procedure. For anyone out there that has a huge insurance deductible like I do and needs a pain block or epidural, know that Dr. Baez has the equipment and was able to do it in his office, not a surgery center, and it saved me thousands.”

Cathy B.

“I have recommended Dr. Rosenberg to anyone who talks to me and has a problem. He has helped me through a lot and I have all the faith and confidence in him.”

Pat T.